Denver Christmas Light Installers is here to make this holiday season stress free by providing you a one stop solution for all your Residential holiday decorating needs.  For many of us the holiday’s are busy enough and the thought of decorating for the holiday’s only adds to it. That is why you need to leave this year’s decorating to the professionals. No more climbing ladders on a COLD, WINDY or SNOWY day RISKING INJURY,  as you climb on your roof, trying to decorate your home for the holiday’s. Let us take the hassle out of decorating your home this holiday season. 

Don’t let your loved one be a statistic, according to the Product Safety Commission, 11,000 people end up in the emergency room every Christmas due to decorating injuries, which include broken bones, cuts and burns.  One hundred or more fires start every holiday because of faulty wiring or overloaded circuits. Ultimately, almost sixteen deaths per year are attributed to holiday decorating attempts gone awry.  Denver Christmas Light Installers are skilled and trained light installation specialists.

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